The Best Fonts of 2015

by Christoph Koeberlin

The new year isn’t that new any more, yet I don’t want to do without the established look back. Again, the focus is on overviewing all remarkable releases of the year, flavoured with some personal spotlights. Anyway, one thing has changed: For the first time, it’s not my own compilation, but a cooperation with my new Typefacts-colleagues Norman and Sven who made this list possible. In this respect it makes a turning point: The end of the old Typefacts and the beginning of a partnership that should breathe new life into the old website. I’m excited!

Acumin · Robert Slimbach
Alternate Gothic · Mark van Bronkhorst, Alan Dague-Greene, David Sudweeks, Igino Marini, & Ben Kiel; Morris Fuller Benton, 1903
Americane · Hannes von Döhren
Andrade New · Dino dos Santos
Antenna Serif · Cyrus Highsmith
Aureata · Ingo Preuss
Autograf · Måns Grebäck
Balboa Plus · Jim Parkinson
Biryani · Dan Reynolds & Mathieu Réguer
### Mallory by Tobias Frere-Jones (Frere-Jones Type) Mallory is Tobias Frere-Jones’ first commercial release as an independent type designer. He combined sincerity with a warm, yet certain playful look and feel. A special feature is the MicroPlus version that’s optimized for very small text sizes.
Blog Script · Carolina Marando & Ale Paul
Brace · Göran Söderström
Brenta · Ludwig Übele
Brim · Jamie Clarke
Bruhn Sans · Peter Bruhn; Mastered · Rui Abreu & Göran Söderström
ATF Brush · American Type Founders Collection; Robert E. Smith, 1942
Buendia · César Puertas
Buffalo · Donald Roos
Camber · Eduardo Manso
### Trianon by Loïc Sander (Production Type) With the splendid Trianon, Loïc Sander brings Firmin Didot’s ideas to the 21th century. With its four optical sizes, Trianon retains its elegance even in sophisticated typographic applications, while type designers get excited about the tools Loïc invented on his way.
Campaign Grotesk · Mark Caneso
Capri Pro · Felix Braden
Carnas · Dieter Hofrichter
Cera · Jakob Runge
Cera Stencil · Jakob Runge
Ceremony · Joost Grootens
Clarendon Graphic · François Rappo
Clone · Lasko Dzurovski
Conto · Nils Thomsen
### Irrlicht by Ari Hausel (Aarhaus) The sublime Irrlicht is Ari Hausel’s take on the Judith-Type by Christian Heinrich Kleukens. He further enriched the concept with a matching “Lichte”-style.
Cowhand · Toshi Omagari
Dia · Lauri Toikka & Florian Schick
Double · Alexandre Saumier Demers & Étienne Aubert Bonn
Druk Text Wide · Berton Hasebe
Ebony · Veronika Burian, José Scaglione
Echo · Ross Milne
Ecra · Dino dos Santos
Enfantine · Jean-Baptiste Levée with Yohanna My Nguyen, Loïc Sander, Yoann Minet, Ben Kiel
Essonnes · James Todd
### FF Real · Erik Spiekermann & Ralph du Carrois (FontFont) FF Real is one of the most impressive typeface releases of 2015. Designed by Erik Spiekermann and cleaned by Ralph du Carrois the typeface is rooted in early static grotesques and combines it with the typical Spiekermann twist. It’s a modern interpretation and well equipped typeface of that genre.
Eurosoft · Jérémie Hornus, Clara Jullien
FF Aad · Aad van Dommelen
Fip · Rob Keller
Frauen · Lucas Sharp
FS Brabo · Fernando Mello
FS Millbank · Stuart de Rozario
Gill Sans Nova · George Ryan, Eric Gill
Godfrey · Ludwig Übele
Goodlife Brush · Hannes von Döhren
### Hobeaux by James Edmondson (OH NO Type) How much love and life can you put into a disdained typeface? James Edmondson’s careful interpretation of Morris Fuller Benton’s classic will surprise you: You hate Hobo? You’ll love Hobeaux!
Granville · Jean-Baptiste Levée with help · Mathieu Réguer
Gratitude Script · Kathy Milici & Ale Paul
GT Cinetype · Mauro Paolozzi & Rafael Koch
Halifax · Dieter Hofrichter
Haptic Script · Henning Skibbe
Heimat Display · Christoph Dunst
Ines · Dino dos Santos
Infini · Sandrine Nugue
Ingra · Ermin Međedović
### Contemporary Sans by Ludwig Übele (Ludwig Type) Ludwig is one of the most talented type designers in Germany, and you might as well take any other of his 2015 releases. We chose Contemporary Sans, which shows that a Sans Serif with contrast doesn’t have to look like it was made for fashion magazines.
Joanna Nova · Ben Jones, Eric Gill
Josef K · Julia Sysmäläinen
Jules · Dino dos Santos, Pedro Leal
Kazimir · Ilya Ruderman, Yury Ostromentsky
Komet · Jan Fromm
Krabbesholm · Radim Peško & Tomáš Celizna
Laplace Mono · Anton Koovit
Le Colonel · Sylvain Esposito
Lichtspielhaus Slab · Stefan Hübsch
### FF Hertz · Jens Kutílek (FontFont) Jens Kutílek’s FF Hertz with its squarish forms is influenced by Hermann Zapf’s Melior and his Mergenthaler Antiqua. The typeface references to early German topographic maps too. Its uniwidth design and character set makes it perfect for advanced typographic works.
LiebeLotte · Ulrike Rausch
Mangan · Dieter Hofrichter
Martel Sans · Dan Reynolds & Mathieu Réguer
Media77 · Team’77 · André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt & Erich Gschwind
Menoe Grotesque · Adam Katyi
Mina Chic · Giuseppe Salerno & Paco González
Model · Maximiliano Sproviero
NB International · Stefan Gandl
Neue Haas Unica · Toshi Omagari; ursprünglich · Team’77
### Nitti Mostro · Pieter van Rosmalen (Bold Monday) Nitti Mostro by Pieter van Rosmalen is an extension of the praised Nitti family. With its 18 styles, it clearly is a prime example how a chromatic typeface for the digital-age could look like. Be sure to give it a spin on its amazing microsite!
New Grotesk Square One · Henrik Kubel
Noe Text · Lauri Toikka & Florian Schick
Objektiv · Bruno Mello
Obsidian · Andy Clymer
Paintlay · Mika Melvas
Pattern · Eike Dingler
Picara · Sandra Carrera
Proza · Jasper de Waard
Quercus · František Štorm
Sabre · Gareth Hague
### Hollie Script · Felipe Calderón (Estudio Calderon) Hollie Script with its companion Hollie Scripts Ornaments is a modern interpretation of mid-20th centuries’ window lettering. A rich glyph set with contextual ligatures, and alternative characters make it appear in a very nice way.
Sanomat Sans · Vincent Chan and Christian Schwartz
Scandia · Eric Olson
Scandia Line · Eric Olson
Silva · Daniel Sabino
Suisse Sign · Swiss Typefaces
Telemaque FY · Jean-Baptiste Morizot
Tesla Slab · Nikola Djurek
Tremolo · Nikola Djurek
Tripper · Sami Kortemäki, Akiem Helmling & Bas Jacobs
Unica77 · Maurice Göldner, Christian Mengelt · Team’77
Vito · Thomas Gabriel
Vortice · Miguel Sousa
Wand · Charles Gibbons
Weissenhof Grotesk · Dirk Wachowiak & Stefanie Schwarz
Wittingau · František Štorm
VLNL Wurst · Alexandre Saumier Demers
Zahrah · Yoann Minet

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